About Us

About Us

JDH is now the third generation of an Agency that was born to serve as a vehicle for the canning factories of the Region of Murcia to export their products abroad, helping and seeking markets for our traditional canned foods such as Tomato, Artichoke, Mandarin, Apricot and Peach.


During our history there have been changes both in the way of working and in the products and markets to which we supply. Nowadays, our strength is the supply of raw materials for the Juices, Desserts and Jams Industry as well as small producers of Pastry and Ice creams, to which we serve a very wide range of products. We sell 100% natural Fruit and Vegetable Juices and Purees, both Organic and Conventional, Fruit and vegetable pulps with pieces, either sliced, diced, or halved, and Juice concentrates, both with pulp and clarified.

Why Choose Us

Because we are a global company in which you can trust 100%, we take care of all the management thanks to our structure.

  • Commercial
  • Quality
  • Logistics
  • Financial

Our Experience

Experience - more than 40 years
Efficiency - more than 40 years
Logistics - more than 40 years
Quality - more than 40 years
Sales - more than 40 years
JDH currently bases its activity on several markets or product groups: 

  • CANNED FOOD: We maintain a very good relationship with certain Canned Food factories, looking for accommodation of their products abroad, maintaining the origin of the activity of this agency. As a novelty, we are growing a lot in the Importation of Canned Pineapple and other tropical fruits, since we have an agreement to represent several top-level factories in Thailand and Indonesia. Another top product is the Oil that represents an important portion of our exports as well as the Olives.


  • JUICES, PULPS AND CONCENTRATES: This is where there has been a strong growth in recent years, we have specialized in the supply of raw materials for the Juice, Jam and Dessert Factories both in export and import, with great alliances in South America as well as in South Africa and Asia.Our mission is to provide a global service and keep our clients well informed about the situation of each fruit in the world to react in case of difficulties.

Benefits of working with us

We believe that one of the great advantages of working with us is that we are a global company, very specialized, our JDH team covers all the points of a commercial transaction:

Commercial Department

Always alerts to give the best possible service to our customers, we are concerned not only in selling but in keeping our customers all the time informed about the market and the harvests of the products they buy, both in the Northern and Southern hemisphere and trying to anticipate in case we see a potential shortage with a rise in prices, our concern is always to be well informed and for this we have a very close relationship with them.

Logistics Department

Our mission is that when a client buys us a product, he forgets about everything else, he tells us when he wants to receive it and our logistics department is in charge of coordinating, hiring transport in its case and making sure that the product arrives at the client’s house in the scheduled date, and when an unforeseen event arises, give all the information in the fastest and most efficient way so as not to cause problems for the customer in the supply. We have a very good relationship with several transport companies, both by road and by sea, which allows us to be very competitive in the prices of the transport, we also work very closely with the logistics managers in our supplying companies.

Quality Department

We have our own Quality Department that works very closely with the customer’s quality department, providing all kinds of technical needs, quality certificates, specifications, and samples of our products both for development and for pre-load approval, but we not only work very closely the customer but also the supplier’s quality department, which we support and help as much as possible with our technical knowledge. Although we do not want to, quality problems may arise in any of the products we supply, here our quality department works to give agile responses and try to find the solution to the problem as quickly as possible.

Finance and Accounting Department

Not only do we take care of all of the above, but we also take care of monitoring the payments in order to close the circle and that our suppliers do not worry about this activity so often unpleasant.